In Acts 16:18″Apostle Paul said to the unclean spirit in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her body. The way Apostle Paul spoke shows that the spirit operating in the slave girl was unclean and not meant to be in her. This means that your body is not the temple of unclean spirit. Apostle Paul’s word became one with God’s word and his lips became God’s ambassador.

In JOHN 6:35. Many were oppressed with demons, the Bible says He freed them all. He delivered them.

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 CAMSIC Junction, Buea

South West Region, Cameroon.

 +237 672 944 216

“I had Difficulty in Walking Due to Lumbar Spondylosis after coming to Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry (AGCOM), I was healed in Jesus Holy Name”

Mrs. Marie Magdeleine Tsobgny
Resident, Yaounde - Cameroon

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