The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi – 5th November 2023

The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi - 5th November 2023

November 6, 2023

The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi
Message title – titre du message: GET READY FOR A CHANGE – SOYEZ PRET POUR UN CHANGEMENT
Proof text – texte de référence : 1 Corinthians – Corinthiens 7: 17
People of God, many fail today to make decisions that will benefit their future. They talk failure and failure holds them in bondage. They always think and talk on the level of their old life. They will say, I am poor, I am not educated, no one in my family is progressing, I am a graduate and things are not working out for me. It’s a generational curse.
If you are in such a situation. Listen; as long as you hold fast to your confession of failure, failure will not leave you. If you say you are not happy sadness will not leave you. Stop complaining that everyone in your family is poor. Stop complaining about the unkindness of people around you and reflect on life itself and you will see that when you dwell in the past your present is in danger why your future is tarnished.
Let me ask you a question: Do you genuinely want to change? Then, stop taking journeys into yesterday. Be a forward looker. Your past is past. Never again allow your past to remind you of the guilt of your sin or bring up past accounts that have been paid for or forgiven. In order to fit into the new system of things, change your old approach to life.
Change is a necessary condition for a new life in Christ Jesus. Your life cannot change unless you receive the prophetic picture of your future. That incredible photograph is planted within everyone by the Holy Spirit. You have been given a good destiny – you are created to be a successful person in the mind of God. It is up to you to transfer that success into your life by meditating it, confessing it, believing it and acting it. What you say will become a visible reality in the natural world if you steadfastly hold fast to your confession of faith. To hold fast to your confession is to say what God has said over and over, until the thing desired in your heart and promised in the Word is fully manifested. All your plans will be clear!! You will succeed and not fail. All your bills will be paid”” Now begin to receive breakthrough keys – breakthrough key to your marital bliss; to your career, finances, future, I say to you, receive the joy of salvation.
Apostle John Chi


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