The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi – 24th September 2023

The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi - 24th September 2023

September 26, 2023

The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi
Proof text:2nd Corinthians 12:7/ Philippians 4:13
People of God, if the Almighty’s strength is made manifest in your weakness, you can go through any difficulty. Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil as long as His strength is made manifest in your weakness. Our natural strength is as perfect weakness. All our sufficiency is of God.  That is why I agree with the Psalmist, when he said in Psalm 27:1.”The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall, I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”
When we feel we are weak in ourselves, we should go to God and receive divine strength and grace. In the Bible, we have seen a sinner’s character healed; we have seen a liar become truthful; we have seen a drunkard become sober and we have seen a harlot become chaste. Indeed, the gospel of God’s grace can challenge and change everything. To the power of God nothing is impossible.
When you begin to trust in God’s authority and not in man’s majority, God will begin to direct you. He will manifest His strength in your weakness and when He does, you will discover the healed you, the successful you, the prosperous you, the victorious you, the you of your dream.
People of God, as you go about your daily activities in life, you should always have it at the back of your minds that it is most profitable to focus on God and His sufficiency rather than your problems or your needs because God is our provider and He is rich beyond our dreams.
Apostle John Chi.

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