The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi – 22nd October 2023

The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi - 22nd October 2023

October 24, 2023

The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi
Proof text / texte de référence: Matthew – Matthieu 15:17 – 20
People of God, the purpose of the enemy is to distract us from running a straights race with God. There is war everywhere: in Ukraine, in Israel, in Palestine, in your family, in your home, in the church. The greatest war is fought in the heart. We are combatting demons that are the cause of sickness, failure, hatred, malice and all ills with the word of God. The word of God is the sword of the spirit and demons know they cannot go beyond this. Jesus used the word against satan in the wilderness and gave us a battle plan against demons. With your words, you constantly paint a public picture of your innerself. Your words can bring you blessings or deny you blessings. Remember, wars, love, hatred, friendship, etc. begin because of words. Your words are the bridge into your future. Your words create your world. When you speak God’s word over a situation or a person, you bring Christ on the scene especially when you talk and act positively. When you do, victory is as sure as the rising of the sun. We therefore use the word of God to defeat our adversaries. God’s words have a defensive and an offensive use. David yielded himself to God by speaking the word of faith and Goliath was defeated. The fact that people around you fail does not mean you cannot win. Remember, greater is He that is in you that he that is in the world. So, be careful with what you say because your life cannot go beyond your words. One thing you must know is that you cannot build someone up on philosophy, history or theology of the word. We are made spiritual only when we live in the word and it lives in us. God’s word refreshes our minds while His spirit renews our spirit. So, you need God’s words and His spirit. When the word of God is planted in your heart, watered and steadfastly trusted, it becomes health to your flesh, a road map to the lost and a key to open and close prison doors. See the case of  Paul and Silas. With the word of God, your sickness can turn into good health, failure into success, hopelessness into happiness, frustration into fufilment. Treasure the word of God in your heart because the heart is the contact point for the holy spirit and evil spirits.  God’s word is a weapon no evil spirit can withstand. Our plan of strategy against satan’s stronghold is the Bible. This is not the book you carry in your bag. When we see someone with a bible, we say that is a true Christians. The bible is something you possess that is capable of solving people’s problems and yours. Hypocrisy, no matter how cleverly managed cannot be hidden from Jesus.
God will not open his doors of blessings to those who keep their bibles shut. When satan alienates you from the word of God, he has neutralized you. He injects negative thought in you so that you do not speak or act right. Make God’s word your habitation.

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