Prayer for Viewers – 5th November 2023

Prayer for Viewers - 5th November 2023

November 6, 2023

Viewers, there is more to Amen when two agree. Lord Jesus Christ, any evil covenant working against their destiny, their marriage, their career, I break it in the name of Jesus Christ;
Oh Lord, by the authority in your holy name, I break any generational curse working against your people.
You who are under the influence of my voice, I break any curse working against your destiny. I break any bad habits operatiing in your life. I break any spirit of addiction to narcotic substances. I break that yoke of failure, sickness, disappointment in your life in the name of Jesus Christ;
Your body is not a hiding place for demons and diseases. Let any hiding place of demons, sickness and diseases in your life be exposed;
Wherever there is darkness in your life, in your finances, in your business, etc. , let there be light;
Place your hand where there is pain. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Right now, I command you disease. Anywhere you are in their body, come out, in the name of Jesus Christ;
Whatever you might have eaten in your dream that is responsible for that sickness, by the authority bestowed upon me be flushed out;
I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to walk out of that sickness, of that pain, that failure, that disappointment in the name of Jesus Christ;
Sickness in your blood, your tendons, your spine, your kidneys, cancer, your womb, come out in the name of Jesus Christ;
You are healed. Let any organ in your body that has stopped working begin to work; I released your good destiny from the cage of your forefathers and your foremothers.
Any evil veil covering your destiny, your star, be removed and consumed by Holy Ghost fire. Take off that evil veil. I prophecy to your life. You are qualified for that appointment inside this week. Let that spirit of rejection fly away. You are free, free, free;
You will succeed in that interview this time. Rejoice and be glad. Your testimony has been restored. Your level has changed. You are now operating in a new dimension.

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