MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE – 6th August 2023

MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE - 6th August 2023

August 7, 2023

Speaker: Apostle SUNNY

Apostle SUNNY of the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry Preaching….
Message title/ titre du message: MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE / FAITES LE BON CHOIX
Proof text / texte de référence: John /Jean 10:10
People of God, you may be living your life but lack something spiritual. You need to make a mature decision. The devil must have tampered with something in your life. That is why you are surely stagnant.  You are surely looking for it. That thing stolen from you by the devil would have changed your life. We all come to God’s presence every day. But do we make the right decision or do we come and go back as empty as we came? Remember that what satan stole from you is capable of taking you to higher heights. Your faith needs to mature. The day you will know what satan has done against you, you will make the right choice to serve God as you should do. The devil is a destroyer. Be aware of him else you will be destroyed. God is not going to allow you go back the same you came. There is something in you that can transform your life. That thing is called faith. So, get connected to Jesus Christ by faith at all times because the devil can use anything to destroy you – Facebook, your husband, your wife, your children and every good thing around. You must be watchful and make the right choices.
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