The WORD with Senior Apostle John Chi
Message title / titre du message THE POWER OF FAITH / LA PUISSANCE DE LA FOI
Proof text / texte de reference Galatians / Galates  3:21-22

People of God, in Matthew 9:29 Jesus touched the eyes of the two blind and mute men and said to them, according to your faith let it be done to you. In Matthew 15:28 Jesus said to a Canaanite woman, “woman, you have great faith; your request is granted and her daughter was healed at that moment.” There are many of such instances in the bible. We accept a miracle by faith when we recognize the reason for the miracle. A doubting heart is a sensed ruled heart. Doubt produces tragedies, while faith produces miracles.Therefore; do not doubt your faith. Always doubt your doubts for they are unreliable. By faith, you can divide the red sea in your life; pull down the wall of Jericho in your family; defeat the giant in your marriage; shut the mouth of lions in your business; open prison doors in your career; and can make the impossible possible.  When trouble comes to a man of faith, there is always a future. To a man without faith – the end has come. Remember many would like to be in your position. Remember the sickness you had in the past; others had it and died, while many others are confined in the wheel chair and on sick bed – you may say it is an ordinary problem but many people die of it every day. Sickness, poverty does not kill; it is the fear of it that kills. Be encouraged to doubt no more, for in Christ Jesus we have perfect evidence for faith.
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