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  • 12/03/2023

    Easter Celebration Invitation & Power Room Service

    Easther is around the coner it is time to commemorate the
    Crucifixion, burial and resoraction of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    Join the Man of God Senior Apostle John Chi From the 7th to the 10th of April 2023,
    As we celebrate our victory over sin and death here at the Ark Of God Covenant
    ministry auditorium.

    To visit us send us your emails to to
    Come and receive the light of salvation in the name of Jesus Christ

    This coming sunday there will be Prayer line. That is the power room service
    registration is on saturday 8:00 AM you are welcome in Jesus Christ Name

  • 12/02/2023

    Sunday Anointing service with Apostle John Chi on (SUNDAY 19th FEBRUARY 2023)

    Anointing Service with the Man of God Senior Apostle John Chi will take place on Sunday 19th February 2023 come and receive the anointing of God Almighty through his humble servant in every areas of your life FAMILY, JOB, BUSINESS, PROJECTS...

  • 2023


    The Douala crusade has been anounced by the Man Of God Senior Apostle John Chi at the omnisport stadium bepanda on the 3rd and 4th of March, its for you and your spiritual growth.

    DATE: 3rd and 4th of March

    PRAYER LINE REGISTRATION FREE: FROM 24 to 28 February, 9am to 4pm - Omisport Stadium

    FOR INQUIRIES: +237 671 71 50 31 / +237 650 75 96 59

  • 06/02/2023

    Prayer Line Registration on (Saturday 11th February 2023)

    Registration takes place at the Ark Of God Covenant Ministry ONLY from 6 AM.

  • 29/01/2023

    AGCOM prayer women (Every first friday of the month)

    God gave us an assignment to begin prayers, prayer is the source by which we take in the life of Jesus Christ and give out the life of Jesus Christ.

    Women need to back their husband in prayer, when their husbands are out fighting for the family, the women need to back them up with prayers.

    There are many men out there they are faced with different temptations. You need to back them up with prayers. You need to be a prayerful wife.

  • 29/01/2023

    Friday prophetic service on February 03 2023

    Friday prophetic service this coming friday, come and listen to what our Lord has to say concerning your situation.

  • 23/01/2023

    First Prayer Line of the year 2023

    The First prayer line of the year 2023 has been announced by the Man of God Senior Apostle John Chi.
    Registration for the prayer line will take place on Saturday 28th January 2023. Prepair your self to meet with the Man of God One on One this coming sunday

  • 22/01/2023

    Come and receive a touch from the man Of God Senior Apostle John Chi on Sunday 22nd January 2023

    The Man of God Senior Apostle John Chi has announced that this coming sunday we are beginning the year with a fresh touch from him. Your pain is his pain, your joy is his joy, your testimony is his testimony, Everyone will be touched.

  • 15/01/2023

    Thanks Giving Service

    Come and give thanks to God Almighty for taking you
    through the year 2022 to the year 2023. If you are alive today it's by His
    grace. God will surprise you.

  • 2022

    31 December cross over night service into the year 2023

    Come massively and here what the lord has to say concerning the year 2023, God has a message for you and the world concering the year 2023.

    The Man Of God Senior Apostle John Chi will cross eveyone to the other side. A journey of 40 days took the israelites 40 years because
    the instruction given to them was not well caried out. Because they were disobidient. This istruction is to cary you to ytour promise land.
    That is why I will leave here and go to somewhere where I will receive and you too will receive.

  • 2022

    Preparation DAY 2 with the Man Of God Senior Apostle John Chi against the cross over to the year 2023

    Friday we continue with the all night we will pass through the power room, then from the power room to the alter and drink
    the freshly blessed and anointed living water. Once you do this exercise, go and rest in his precious arms.
    its an instruction in righteousness, if you know you are serving a living God this is an Instruction in righteousness

  • 2022

    Preparation DAY 1 with the Man Of God Senior Apostle John Chi against the cross over to the year 2023

    The Man Of God Senior Apostle John Chi has declared that It is time to take stock and access your progress in the lord. You cannot continue like this. So on thursday December 29 2022 everyone in the church auditorium will pass through the power room. Only God knows what you will meet in the power room.

  • 2022

    Special Sunday Service 25th December

    The Man of God Sinior Apostle John Chi has declared a special cleancing service. Everyone present at the church auditorium will be touched. Come massively and receive your deliverance.

  • 2022

    Christmas Celebration with our kids on the 24th of December

    Christmas is an annual sacred Christian holiday that commemorates the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the spiritual leader and founder of Christianity. We are inviting all the kids all around the world to come and join us and celebrate.