The problems of Ms HILDA MKIMI, started when she began having a spiritual husband whose face she could not see. This continued for a long until she become pregnant with the spiritual man and eventually gave birth. When this happened, she developed uncontrolled anger and hatred for anyone around her. Consequently, she had many failed marriages and would torment the men until so terribly. In fact, men used to run away from her due to her nagging attitude. During a Prophetic Service at the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry, the man of God, Senior Apostle John Chi, moved up to her and unveiled the root cause of her problems before praying for her. Thereafter, her situation changed for the better. Today, she has so many serious suitors to the glory of God. Away from that, she enjoys an uncommon peace compared to non.

 CAMSIC Junction, Buea

South West Region, Cameroon.

 +237 672 944 216

“I had Difficulty in Walking Due to Lumbar Spondylosis after coming to Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry (AGCOM), I was healed in Jesus Holy Name”

Mrs. Marie Magdeleine Tsobgny
Resident, Yaounde - Cameroon