When Satan wants to destroy you, he will cause you to see reason in your folly. Such was the case of Ms Mundu Catherine who developed an uncontrolled wayward lifestyle because of material poverty the family was going through after her mother was divorced by the father. She made kids, left them with her elder sister, and took off for Kuwait where she was forced into prostitution for a long. She had so many problems there and was transferred to another area where she was closely watched as she forcefully sold her body in order to reimburse the sum of money she owed those who took her there. When she succeeded to escape and was sent back to Cameroon, she hit herself from the sister, Pastor Victory who raised her up, due to shame. As God would wand it, Ms Catherine came to the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry during a prophetic service. That same day, her sister, who did not know her younger sister was in Cameroon and in church, also decided to attend the Service. When the man of God Apostle John Chi moved up to Catherine, spoke to her, and began delivering her in the power of the Holy Ghost, Pastor Victory ran to the scene and realized that it was indeed her sister. After the deliverance, Catherine says she no longer sees the giant man who used to come to her in the dream. Apostle John Chi blessed her with CFA200,000frs and three bags of rice for their upkeep. To God be the glory!!!

 CAMSIC Junction, Buea

South West Region, Cameroon.

 +237 672 944 216


“I had Difficulty in Walking Due to Lumbar Spondylosis after coming to Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry (AGCOM), I was healed in Jesus Holy Name”

Mrs. Marie Magdeleine Tsobgny
Resident, Yaounde - Cameroon