Ms Agbor Boara Bessem lived a wayward life for long because of a spirit husband that had taken control of her. Consequently, she became stubborn and lazy in school and enjoyed clubbing, drinking and other worthless activities. She was sent to Yaounde in an attempt to stop her attitude. Each time they tried to bring her for prayers, she would refuse. When it was God’s time for her deliverance to be effective, she willingly accepted to be brought to the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry and was delivered at the POWER ROOM. Today, she is a changed person: very polite and regrets the pains she caused her parents over the years.

 CAMSIC Junction, Buea

South West Region, Cameroon.

 +237 672 944 216


“I had Difficulty in Walking Due to Lumbar Spondylosis after coming to Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry (AGCOM), I was healed in Jesus Holy Name”

Mrs. Marie Magdeleine Tsobgny
Resident, Yaounde - Cameroon