Because of the husband’s desire to sue for divorce, Mrs Patience Nsih decided to seek divine intervention. When the man of God Senior Apostle John Chi approached her and told her about her marital crisis and how she was authoritative due to generational curses, she jumped with joy and confirmed the messages as a picture of her life. She then came today and testified how she had subjected the husband (Pastor Mua Kingsley who is also the founder of God’s Grace Deliverance Ministry based in Douala) for years, especially when the latter began having financial difficulties. Many attempts to bring her to order failed. So, he decided to write her a long letter in which he intended to drop her and get another wife, though against his wish. Coincidentally, Pastor Mua had watched the wife’s deliverance and decided to come to AGCOM. Apostle John Chi finally reconciled especially when Pastor Mua was told that he was God sent and should go back to Douala and continue his ministry.

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South West Region, Cameroon.

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“I had Difficulty in Walking Due to Lumbar Spondylosis after coming to Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry (AGCOM), I was healed in Jesus Holy Name”

Mrs. Marie Magdeleine Tsobgny
Resident, Yaounde - Cameroon